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The 47circle is an art collective that brings together groups of people to create a larger story utilizing visual arts, sculpture, music, painting, custom furniture, and jewelry.

Our Team

We are a team dedicated to design and impeccable implementation of the vision of our artists and designers in order to create unique items for the home, office or hospitality venue.

“The art space is impressive, with very good energy and truly unique furniture that one can create entire bespoke solutions for their home and office.”

George Perris

Vassilis Siafarikas

Vassilis Siafaricas, Co-Founder, has an extensive experience of over 25 years in the development of luxury real estate projects in Greece, especially in the most exclusive suburbs of Athens with a focus on zero energy developments. Having an engineering background from the National Technical University of Athens, Vassili has a number of award winning and record breaking high end luxury real estate projects with the second largest estate sale in Greece for 2022 for Sotheby’s as well as the World Luxury Hotel Award for 2021.

Nicolas Zachariou

Nicolas Zachariou, Co-Founder, is an experienced serial entrepreneur and investor with over 25 years of experience and over half a dozen exits and focusing on projects including net-zero luxury real estate developments, disruptive tech ventures in gaming, proptech, and fintech with a focus on enabling a virtuous cycle of giving back to the growth of the local community. With a background in engineering and economics from Cornell University and the University of Michigan, Nicolas has won a number of awards and distinctions including the Webby award, The European Business Awards while being founder of the largest online media as well as gaming company in Greece.


A unique group of international artists with a modern view of the world.

Philip Tsiaras in NYC, 2022

Philip Tsiaras

Greek-American artist who lives and works in NYC. He has had more than 80 solo exhibitions. Seventeen books and catalogs are attributed to his works.

Philip Tsiaras is an international artist of Greek origin who lives and works in New York City. He has had more than 80 one-person exhibitions. He has been the recipient of many national prizes including: The American Academy Award for Poetry, the Thomas Watson Fellowship, two National Endowment Grants for the Arts (NEA), nomination for the Blickle Stiftung Photography Prize, Germany, Gold Medal Award “Civiltà dell’Acqua”, Venice, and Lifetime Cultural Achievement Award, the Alexandrion International Foundation, New York. His works are widely collected in prominent museums and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum, New York. Twenty books and catalogues are attributed to his work.


Winston Branch

Winston Branch (born in 1947), an artist originally from Saint Lucia, works in both Europe and the Americas, maintaining a studio in California. Works by Branch are included in the collections of Tate Britain, the Legion of Honor De Young Museum in San Francisco, California, and the St Louis Museum of Art in Missouri. Branch was the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1978, the British Prix de Rome, a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Fellowship to Berlin, a sponsorship to Belize from the Organization of American States, and was Artist in Residence at Fisk University in Tennessee. He has been a professor of fine arts and has taught at several art institutions in London and in the US. He has also worked as a theatrical set designer with various theater groups.



Maxim, The Prodigy front man and talented fine artist, has been with the band since its inception in 1990 and has toured all seven of their studio albums extensively around the world, picking up numerous awards along the way including MTV and NME accolades for recognition of their unique style and innovative music, as well as their chart success with countless hits. Maxim has more recently become known for his creativity as a contemporary artist under the pseudonym of MM (Double M). He has been creating paintings, multi-media collages, and sculptures for the last 20 years; his art has been featured on various home goods, such as bone China, and soon-to-be on candles, cushions, and wallpaper. Since 2012, he has displayed his mixed media artworks in various exhibitions across the world. MM is well known for his sinister, yet beautiful art. MM’s creative process tends to evolve naturally, without too much forward planning. He prefers to use the board as a base, as he enjoys being able to mutilate it and create chaos within the work. Often his works are finished with resin. He feels this gives a certain beauty and preciseness to the images, keeping them locked and untouchable behind the resin. He is self-taught and has been known to use many different random objects in his works, spray paints, bullets, blades, and pills to name a few. He also uses acrylic and ceramic paints, and anything he can get his hands on that will add to the texture of his work. The paintings are a journey into MM’s mind and have a surreal edge that takes you somewhere deep into his imagination. All of MM’s paintings contain signs of strength and positivity while putting a “spin on things” and seeing them from different angles. Grenades carried on the breeze by a raft of red balloons; skull-faced butterflies brandishing Samurai swords, and gun-toting cats are just a few of the surreal fantasy worlds created by MM. Since 2012 MM has supported various charities and donated artwork to raise money for research into Breast Cancer, BT ArtBox for ChildLine, Shelter, NHS Charities Together, Young Minds, and Chain of Hope (cardiac care for children around the world). Maxim currently lives and works in Essex, United Kingdom.


Ermina Avramidou

Ermina Avramidou was born in 1974 in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied Freehand and Line Drawing at the School for Applied Arts of Thessaloniki and visual arts at the Beaux Arts Institute in Thessaloniki. She graduated with a degree in Interior Design at the College of Applied Arts, Thessaloniki and is currently continuing her studies to obtain an MA in Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Arts, UK.
Ermina Avramidou’s works are visual illusions. An almost unreal world unfolds before our eyes, reminding us that the most colourful, dreamlike and revealing scenes are those emerging from darkness. Foggy forests, exotic birds, starry skies, waterfalls, tropical rains, strange sea creatures are leaping out of her paintings like impressive stained glasses picturing landscapes which may not exist, yet seem familiar.

Stergios Stamos

Stergios Stamos was born in Greece in 1964.

He is a graduate of the School of Fine Arts of Thessalonika (V. Dimitreas Workshop) 1984-1989.

Composition and drawing are dominant in his early artwork while colour is supplementary. There is complete absence of human figure while making clear references to dry land and the sea. He is influenced by the Thessalian plain and Mount Athos. He introduces upright landscapes, unlike the traditional horizontal rectangle ones.

In the 2000s he presents wall structures and installations using aluminium, neon light, fluorescent lamps and plexiglas incorporating writing in order to reanimate the image as well as refer to the archetypal form of communication. Still he does not abandon painting which he uses partially, just like speech, so as to express feelings and lure the viewer into a game where life converses with death and art embraces technology.

His most recent artworks Immigrations (2012), In my country (2014) and Geographies (2017) which consist of multilevel installations, photos and paintings, deal with refugees on a footslog while making a clear reference to Greece’s financial crisis.

He has created theatre props and costumes.

Bespoke Interior Design

In Lefkada, a Greek Island in the Ionian coast, the development company #eclede commissioned the team of 47 Circles to create an indoor and outdoor spaces decoration and art placements that is connected to the ideology of the project. Our team designed and created seamless indoor and outdoor spaces with commitment to eco-friendly solutions and the use of ethically sourced materials and energy-efficient technologies. The subterranean estate with a focus on detailed craftsmanship and luxury achieved the second largest Villa Sale in Greece in 2022.


Innovate each project with no exceptions.

Each accessory or piece of furniture is designed based on the original idea or concept that we want to convey


Always overdeliver to our clients.

Exceeding expectations, our design ethos prioritizes client satisfaction, consistently surpassing project goals with innovative solutions.


Build things that inspire people.

Create designs that captivate and motivate, sparking inspiration through innovative and aesthetically pleasing structures and concepts